the danger ... to our universe

is created by the fact on this world
these all having nothing to
want !

except destroying their very own future
and because all of them have nothing to want >
they only are striving for
this acquisition of conceit !

since this leaves them at least their conceit
they had something to want

so > they become anti sapiens >
since the conceit is the enemy of all wisdom ....

then they all
ignore the homo sapiens  >
only this idiot selection > anti sapiens >
to choose from >

being only compulsive >
they can not even be sustaining their  world >
letting alone
a rule of a humane rule of law >

so .... every  homo sapiens >
having not only
nothing to want >

he being as well > without any rights >
since fundamental rights are not enforceable ...

anti sapiens

star peace